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Welcome to the most erotic phone conversation of your life. I specialize in this. You see, I
love to think, breathe and live SEX. Your Slut Eva can get down, dirty and down-right
nasty when I want to. I trust me, I want to, often. Just ask me about a long slow
fuck…MMMMmmm, one that makes you sweaty and wet!.

You know what I find curious, is that from time to time I'll drop off my nieces and
nephews off at school. When I do, all those boys look at me, but not any harder than
their dads do. Yep, they look at this sophisticated temptress and wish they could lay
me out flat and fuck me right then and there. Sometimes when I get back from
dropping them off, I get off at just the thought of doing some of them. Seducing all
those guys… oooh baby, I would love to. Perhaps talk to the dads about tutoring their
boys? Sometimes I get out of the car and open the doors for them, damn the looks I get…
the guys give me the drop-jaw look, the men, get the look of having to readjust their
pants and the women, well, if looks could kill, they would. I just laugh.

Phone sex is a great relaxer. There is no need to be shy with me. Get comfortable and
remember to lower the lights, put me on speaker so your hands will be free. Have a drink
nearby along with some lubricant and a towel, you'll need all of them. What I talk to you
about will leave your mouth dry and you can't help but get yourself off to thoughts of
fucking me. Don't even think about being embarrassed, ask for what you want, I do.
There is nothing taboo with me.

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All Credit/Debit Cards Accepted
$2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum.
All calls are discreetly billed to your
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